Vastu Tips For Health And Wealth In 2018

July 29, 2021

Every principle from Vastu Shastra is backed up with a scientific justification, largely fine-tuned for the fantastic health of these homeowners. Vastu’s most important outline is to boost positivity and venting around a construction

Thus, by creating a Couple of Vastu-compliant Modifications to your house, You’d do a excellent favour to your loved ones. Here are some tips for you.

    According to vastu, to attract Decent Fortune in 2018, you have to light a lamp Each Day at the evening close to the water kettle in the home.
    Paintings or Water fountains depicting on water ought should be kept from the North or East direction. This will bring success, prosperity and wealth into your life firster.
    Puja space is essential in every home. And Most of Us know that North East is the most auspicious direction. Nevertheless, the continuous confusion about If you need to face the celestial direction or the idols must be confronting towards it stay as it is. Here is the solution – you has to face towards the North-East management whilst performing prayers.
    Make sure there should not be five corner I the seiling room of any wall. If you have something like that you can put bamboo flutes or small pyramids to curb its negative effects.
    Don’t close the north-east direction of your house, keep that side more open and light. you can store your heavy item In south or south west corner because that is the ideal place for heavy item

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    As per the vastu is concern toilet is a very highly debated topic of a house .The toilet seat must face North-South and should be closed when not in use
    Put a red lamp or install a red light in south corner of your home for fame and success.
    Keep pictures of couple or family in South-west direction to improve love, bonding and relationships.
    For the bachelors who want to get married should stay in the rooms which is at the north-west direction of their building or keep peony flowers in south-west corner in the drawing room.
    . If want to attack your good luck kept cash in the drawers made in the north and a mirror should be installed inside the drawer.
    Put Wind-chimes with crystals on bedroom windows to reduce the fights at home and problems between the members of the household.
    Main door is a very much important factor in Vastu. The main door should open inside so that the energy remain inside. Also, do take care that the hinges of doors should not make noise. Make it noise-free.
    Beds and Almirahs should be very close to the South-West wall and made a little distance from the North-East wall.
    To get the success from the examination student should face in the north direction
    For keeping a good heath, drinking water towards facing North-East or east direction is a great vastu tips.


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